Seely Lodge

Seely Lodge

3277 Westfield, Saint John, NB E2M 7B5


Welcome to Seely Lodge Special Care Home, where your comfort and well-being are our number one priority. For over 25 years we have remained dedicated to providing the highest level of care possible for our residents. Our smaller comfortable setting offers you and your family a more intimate and accessible experience to care. When staying at home is no longer an option, or you just need temporary accommodations, let us help! Description of Services: Our home is located in Martinon, a short drive from West Saint John. This provides easy access to doctors, dentists, churches, pharmacies, community centers, walking trails and post offices. We provide 24-hour care and supervision for a wide range of physical, social, medical and mental health needs. This includes full medication administration, all personal care, housekeeping, laundry, meals and snacks, etc. Programming: Residents are encouraged to be active and stay involved in community programs and events. We also employ a recreation director and utilize dedicated volunteers to enhance our weekly activities. Eligible residents also attend weekly Outreach program offered by Loch Lomond Villa and we provide transportation to and from. Level of Care: Our areas of experience include oxygen use, diabetes management, mild to moderate dementia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, catheter & ostomy care, MRSA, incontinence, congestive heart failure, mobility issues, wound care, and various mental health conditions, etc. We are approved to offer long term or short term accommodations. Temporary placement for relief/respite or convalescent care is available depending upon existing vacancies. Credentials: Jan Seely has owned and operated this home for 25 years. Our home is licensed and inspected, by the Department of Social Development. Our personnel are fully qualified according to provincial standards and regulations. We also have regular inspections, and adhere to all requirements, of the provincial Fire Marshall's office and Public Health & Safety Department.


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    Jan Seely
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    Saint John
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    Lawtons Catherwood st. Saint John
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    Seniors,Mental Health,Blended Facility

Features of Services

() Can a resident bring their pet to live with them?
() Do you have in home hairdressing?
() Do you have in home foot care?
() Do staff have training in Oxygen Therapy?
() Do staff have training in Colostomy Care?
() Do staff have training in Wound Care?
() Do staff have training in Dementia Care?
() Do any of your residents attend outreach
() Do you accept clients that are MRSA positive?
() Can clients keep their own family physicians?
() Do you provide excursions for your residents?
() Do any of your residents work in the community?
() Do all your staff have safe medication administration training?
() Do you accommodate special diets i.e. gluten free, diabetic, etc.?
() Do you have an accessible shower or tub for persons in a wheelchair?
() Do you have an outdoor area for sitting, walking, gardening, etc.?
() Do you provide references from your existing clients and/or their families?
() Do you accept smokers and provide a designated smoking area?
() Do you provide transportation to and from medical visits?
() Do you allow residents to bring their own furniture?
() Do you look after managing their comfort and clothing money?
() Do staff have training in Diabetes and insulin management?
() Do you accept residents that are incontinent of urine and/or bowels?
(x) Do you have experience with clients suffering from addictions?
(x) Do you have a doctor/nurse practitioner assigned to all residents in your home?
() Do you have a working relationship with extra mural nursing?
() Do you provide adaptive equipment for your residents?
(x) Do you have a monitoring system on the doors?