Swim's Adult Residential Facility

Swim's Adult Residential Facility

448 White Rd, Avondale, NB E7K 1E5


We strive to meet the individual daily needs of our guests in a secure safe environment. Their care plans will enable them to have the best quality of living with all due considerations of their strengths and inabilities. We provide a country living atmosphere with all conveniences within a 8-12 minute drive.


  • Contact Name
    Emily Louise Swim
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  • Postal Code
    E7K 1E5
  • Level of Care
  • Bed
  • Pharmacy
    The Medicine Shoppe
  • Facility
    Seniors,Mental Health,Intellectual and Developmental,Blended Facility

Features of Services

() Can a resident bring their pet to live with them?
() Do you have in home hairdressing?
() Do you have in home foot care?
() Do staff have training in Oxygen Therapy?
(x) Do staff have training in Colostomy Care?
() Do staff have training in Wound Care?
() Do staff have training in Dementia Care?
() Do any of your residents attend outreach
() Do you accept clients that are MRSA positive?
() Can clients keep their own family physicians?
() Do you provide excursions for your residents?
() Do any of your residents work in the community?
(x) Do all your staff have safe medication administration training?
(x) Do you accommodate special diets i.e. gluten free, diabetic, etc.?
() Do you have an accessible shower or tub for persons in a wheelchair?
() Do you have an outdoor area for sitting, walking, gardening, etc.?
() Do you provide references from your existing clients and/or their families?
() Do you accept smokers and provide a designated smoking area?
() Do you provide transportation to and from medical visits?
() Do you allow residents to bring their own furniture?
() Do you look after managing their comfort and clothing money?
() Do staff have training in Diabetes and insulin management?
() Do you accept residents that are incontinent of urine and/or bowels?
() Do you have experience with clients suffering from addictions?
() Do you have a doctor/nurse practitioner assigned to all residents in your home?
(x) Do you have a working relationship with extra mural nursing?
() Do you provide adaptive equipment for your residents?
(x) Do you have a monitoring system on the doors?